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Kore Putt golf game Platform

Come and play a sport game very fun and very simple course. In kore putt, become a champion golf causing you to hit the little white ball. Get more training grounds for am improve your draws to have a good technique you permettras r succeed all your keystrokes. The tracks of golf more complicated are some more than others. R USSI to have a good technique you permettras to bring the ball in the hole regardless of distance and area. Golf is a very practiced sport nowadays.

Indeed it is played on a field gazonn to score points, the golfer must succeed r has to enter the ball into a hole situated a few meters. In this kore putt game, you of coverings simulation of the sport in the form of training. To play, click and holding the button as a hammer to guide the ball to the target using your mouse, click to shoot even towards the hole. You have to aim with precision pr not to miss your hits, the number of points you'll earn to hang him in the number of strikes you effectueras before r succeed in bringing the ball in the hole. Kore Putt is a game you can also play as a duo with a friend. Also calculates the distance from the hole to measure the typing speed.

More loign the hole is, the more you'll have to hit with power to send the ball to the hole. Click and keeping the right mouse SEATED for a good punching power button, click again to launch the ball. D develops good technique, as you advance to more levels sup laughing, more holes will be in positions are complicated. R ussis was bringing the ball every keystroke and become a great professional golfer.

Have fun Champion!

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