Flash game Office Mini Golf

Office Mini Golf game Golf Sport and agility

Office Mini Golf covers D and have fun to play a mini golf in office!

Do you like sports activities or s just you like sports? If you're in one of the two cases, then you'll certainly appr cial this beautiful flash game that you're about. Office Mini Golf (mini golf office) is a very fun flash game that can be classified in the category cat sports games. For those who know nothing of golf, here's a quick overview of the game The game of golf is to play a ball with a club (the club after m metal which is used to hit the ball) from the area to share into 18 holes of golf by hitting a stroke or successive strokes.

The land route also call and hit obstacles such as rough (natural space and not maintained), bunkers (artificial barriers, hollow and gn ally filled with sand), water obstacles (streams, lakes or ponds) and finally out of range (zone situ e out of bounds). All these the ments encourage the player to show large win in the traps of playing the course, or leaving when he was unable to avoid. Mini golf is a game for its part in outdoor inspired golf. Office Mini Golf reminds us of the hard work of staff, this mini golf game offers 18 offices diff ent or goal of course is to send the ball into the hole with minimal testing. However, it must be careful not to drop the ball in the office.

How to play Office Mini Golf?

The game is won when all balls are rentr es in 18 offices while respecting the authorized number of shots. To make you play, give yourself a small test portion, you will see that it is not so difficult as that. Have fun and become the new Tiger Woods Office Mini Golf!

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