Flash game Cinderella hairstyle

Cinderella Hairstyle girl game, hairstyle and simulation

D covers the game for girls, hair and Cinderella Hair simulation and amuse yourself a Cinderella style for prom!

You like games hairstyle? You'll love the game Hairstyle Cinderella, in which you'll have to prepare pr Princess of Disney Universe for the ball that rolls of the castle tonight.

She appealed to you because she knows you're agile with your hands and you'll be able to achieve r superb haircut, you will know that agree with her outfit. Also, in this great game, you will plunge into the world of design and anim find all your ros h pr frs: Godmother Cinderella F e, Gus the mouse, etc.. Cinderella counting on you!

How to play a Cinderella Hair?

To play Cinderella Hair is very easy! As a first step, click "Play" to abut to the game The game is played using only a mouse. At your disposal, you'll find a brush to comb Cinderella, hair dryer, scissors to cut wicks too long, a serum that allows hair to grow very quickly, a lawnmower, a curling iron and straightener . Also, you'll be able to change the hair color of Cinderella where make him meches.

For this, more than 20 colors are available on a shelf bay to the right of the screen the game Once nished cut, you'll be able to change the dress Cinderella, and agree with a beautiful ornament. Before the flavor, do not fail to put him a mask if you would like it in a door. Once ready, you will not have have to click on the little pink arrow at the bottom right to see the result r. You will have the opportunity to take a photo Cinderella and print!

Do not wait one more second to play this wonderful game, and have fun though!

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