Flash game Horcey Racing

Horsey Racing game for girls, horse racing, jumping and agility

Overlaps very beautiful horses with the game Horsey Racing!

Here is a game that has sormais of your availability on our page. The Horsey Racing, This is an arcade game which enables you to achieve r a horse race. Imagine yourself as the tierc (PMU) where t you have the option of several punters who had a bet on your horse and you would not want to ceive.

In this game you have to choose your horse among horses that are 3 official blue horse Saddler, Rosy pink horse Sparky and finally brown horse. You'll gallop leaping all barriers that are on the circuit in order to defeat your opponents in Horsey Racing. This game is really great horses and above all delusional during races, you think you're even Zoro. In this game you have the possibility to choose the method that suits you between about 2 s modes: The first mode is "Tournement" or he will have to finish first in each race has to pass the next step and the other mode is "Quick Race" or you can only participate in a single race only. To play, use only the mouse. Of you shall put the mouse between left and right in order to gallop as fast as possible or even slower.

So you'll have to click once to single jump, double click it to make a big jump. While all along the circuit, you must make the effort to collect all the fruits are among the trees to earn enough bonus points and extra powers that will allow you to jump higher for example. Horsey Racing is a racing game horse really too class.

Expected more than you, come ride with us you'll see that's what was funny. Have fun!

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