Flash game Infectonator World Domination

Infectonator World Domination strategy game and zombies

Infectonator World Domination, strat gie game filled with zombies!

Come quickly to cover more of the classic game of zombies! Infects humans and scratches all the cities of the planet one by one. Do evolve your virus and infects more and more people around the world. Increases the rapidity of zombies, their hard-span, the probability of contamination, r resistance to attack and attack power to eliminate the human race. If you block a city: Raises the number of pieces n cessaires and do evolve your virus or buy bombs!

How to play Infectonator World Domination?

To play it is very simple: start by clicking on "Start infecting". Then click on "New Game" if this is the first time you play. If you have recorded your game, click the corresponding backup. Enter your username and click "Ok". A short tutorial will explain how to play: In each level, you can r pandre zombifiant a virus by clicking on the inhabitants.

Depending on the power of your virus, it will infect more or less people, turn them into zombies and make them eat other people. Collect coins in passing your mouse over them: the money you collect will enable you to improve the characteristics character am your virus in the laboratory. You can also buy bombs to help you in the destruction of cities (indeed, some characters can not be infected by the virus s but can only be eliminated by s Zombies or bombs). On the world map, click on Africa (who was the first continent to Blocked).

D blocks other continents truisant of entire cities. Do evolve your virus and blocks Zombies sp cial characters in eliminating its cl through the cities of the world.

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