Flash game Lil 'Red Kunoichi

Lil 'Red Kunoichi fighting game, jump, action and agility

D covers Lil 'Red and embodies a Kunoichi ninja who must eliminate the enemy to save his friends held in captivity!

Do you like platform games? You'll love Lil 'Red Kanoichi where you'll play as a ninja full of energy that is on a mission to help rescue his friends that have been captured by an alliance ninja s enemy. You'll face a lot of enemies over 27 levels, you have to move as quickly as possible! Your time is counted; the more you will slow, the less you r colteras of performance fabrics.

Keep an eye on your counter top left of the game screen you'll be able to jump from platform to platform, run and climb walls has an incredible speed thanks to the speed of your jumps, causing propulsive forces and leads you to the top of the walls that you have to climb. Now pay attention to the environment around you, and you're feeling pr purpose of each level to anticipate your route and view the places occupied by enemy ninjas s. You'll be able to show ninja skills at each level, which become increasingly difficult as you progress in the game Your objective in each level is to survive and reach the flag as quickly as possible, in order to reach the next level.

How to Play a Lil 'Red Kunoichi?

To play Lil 'Red Kunoichi is very simple! You'll use the directional arrows left and right to move your character and of the top button (or A on your keyboard) to jump. you must realize r combinations to jump in the direction you want, and keep the top button to jump from wall to wall as you will be launched you on a wall. Also, you will need your pe to kill your enemies when you turn back or logs on your way.

To do this, use the space bar on your keyboard. The game is not easy, and you should probably take you several times to succeed r levels. Good luck, have fun little ninja, and good game!

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