Flash game Lego Crosstown Craze

Lego Crosstown Craze game car racing lego

Participated in a crazy race in Lego Crosstown Craze, super car racing game Lego!

Do you like racing games? A race car ca thee tent? So you're well directed on the right page. Welcome to Crosstown Craze, a car racing game which is unusual. One of our best car games, posted free on our site to meet you.

In this game, Fixed d made in confronting opponents on a race track in town. Selected, your car and back on the fast track to face new opponents.

How to play a Lego Crosstown Craze?

To play is simple: click the Start Game button on the screen of the game and fed a new game.

Then chose your body and off you go! The directional arrows on your keyboard allow you to control your vehicle v: the arrow at the top allows you to move while the arrow at the bottom allows you to brake. The arrows left and right allow you to turn in one direction or the other. Unfortunately, your opponent has had time to put on the road with many obstacles that have to slow for you.

So hurry up its barriers s located on the road and collect the bonus lerent access your cash or r after a parent you're doing a lot of shocks. Whenever you defeat an opponent you acquire the exp experience and the level of difficulty increases. In addition, you pass to the next round. If you r ussis prowess to win three successive races, you win the game and to pocket the amount that is intended to e winner.

Do you think you have the height of the fi? Can you pocket the money? Then plays a fast Crosstown Crazy, a fabulous car game.

You can also invite friends to come play with you. Have fun and enjoy yourself well on our site!

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