Flash game Fla Jong

Fla Jong a great game of mahjong and puzzle

Try to remove all parts of the plateau in Fla Jong, a great game r bending and mahjong! If you like Chinese culture, language and writing, take a look at this fascinating game that in some way reproduce the essence of the Chinese complex mind. "Fla Jong" is a game of exciting r flexion, a set of QC failure in China and that is all the rage among people who love r fl chir. The game of chess is basic to quite complicated ja, but then a game of Chinese chess, pr adorn yourself to dig your ninges m. The name may sound complicated and may even make you think the game is to initi r serv s, but it is quite the opposite. Fla Jong is the same onlin e games r bending the Wow or Connect Mahjong Empire.

All what you need is a bit of concentration and discernment. Be arranged on a table are a lot of pieces are marked. Each part has the shape and size of a domino, and each has at least one sister part which is identical. How to play a Fla Jong?

Your aim in Fla Jong is to connect all rooms are alike to remove them from the table. Be careful, you can not remove no matter how, it should be removed gradually. Because the line to connect the two parts of wood or ceramic c should not be more than 5 segments. If the line connecting them should be more than 5 segments, the parts remain in place and do not disappear. In this case you should remove the surrounding parts that prevent a line to a direct path to the room. Connects all parts of the Exchequer to end the game.

In gn eral rule, you always get a few extra seconds ments after having deleted the parts. This game is great and allows at the same time to become familiar with the culture and Chinese calligraphic characters. Have fun!

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