Flash game Horoscope

Horoscope mahjong and puzzle

Come test your r flexion Horoscope in a great game of mahjong and bending r! Do you believe in stars and constellations c fleet? Thou shalt certainly happy to play this wonderful game where thou shalt in some ways match constellations and astral signs. "Horoscope" is a set of r flexion very simple to understand. No need to go to a medium to succeed in this game r Make yourself confidence and you may be clairvoyant s hidden. To play you have to the considered as a big puzzle that you must solve r. As part of the game, you will find diff ent astral signs ranging from fish to the end, through the lion. These signs are the astral entity s main game, when part butera, you must coordinate the signs in pairs to make them disappear. Once you have recognized two identical signs, clicks on one and then the other to make them disappear?

The signs are ball-shaped and have a kind of green halo around them, which can lead to confusion when you do the comparison. This is the only real difficulty of the game As soon as you have recognized two identical astral sign, make them disappear and seekest in others. When you have removed all pairs of the frame, you win the game and you start another.

Trying to make some parts several times to maximize the points you'll get. How to play a Horoscope? This game is int r flexion esting, exciting and easy to play, entirely with the mouse. Take part in an incredible adventure among the stars and constellations, become the master of "Horoscope" and share the score that you got at the end of the game. D to abut, click the Start button.

The Level volues in which you and your score are displayed at the top of your s screen. Good luck!

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