Flash game Barber Salon

Offer a makeover and a new hairstyle this young man in the Barber Salon

Alex needs your help to express makeover to become sentable pr and groomed! Alex is a young student of 24 who loves to travel, it is all a part of its cultural programs university. However, all these p riples al 'abroad have and then permit him some visible marks.

Indeed, her hair volume and tripled his beard, not to mention his clothes leaving more ad sirer. So he made an appointment at its closest to change hairstyle barber, but also to shorten his beard and find more prone garments with him. In addition, it must submit an oral pr exhibitions, r sum for all his travels before a jury of four teachers. Needless to say her outfit and her presence will play an important role in determining the rating. It was at this moment that you pr cis rise, you will play the role of the barber who will have a long work to do to make pr sentable.

To begin with, you'll have to wash his hair and beard. Rub vigorously to lather shampoo, do not forget to rinse and of course expensive for the hair is well pr parry. Then you'll be able to begin to change the hairstyle Alex, for this you will have to enter your barber scissors to equalize the points r and reduce the volume of hair.

Then with the help of your curlers, gives a style wavy cut e or the reverse use your hair straightener to adopt a style more smoothed. You can also change the color of hair with very friendly dyes. To complete your makeover, choose an outfit more appropriate for e the young man so he can develop.

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