Flash game Microlife

Microlife game management and strategy

Keep your cr atures alive and in good health. Their life is in your hands. You have to feed your animals but the food will cost you money. If you click on an egg you're going to win. The game consists of several missions, the first is easy enough to lift 5 cr atures.

The 2nd gets tough, because you have to defend your flock against animals. Use Strategy game in which you must take care of a lot of culture microform life. Use the mouse to feed and transport cr atures.

They will have children and they will eat whatever you'll give them. All played with the mouse by clicking on the options on the right menu. This game can last for hours, so it is important to remember the code of your parties. You can use the P (pause) button on the top menu to have the rer id es. When you produce the food it takes 100% to use it and to place it in the area of ​​lifting.

You can place your critters d by Drag and Drop (click clicked and remains on the beast, instead of the mouse and release the click location of Sir) Your critters will produce eggs if they are well fed it you'll have a part in Reserves, for the reproduction of bugs: do not touch, and another for sale: just click on it. More you get on the harder levels will be the game's life small cr atures very endearing is in your hands. Maintain alive as long as possible your little critters to make them evolve and ultimately build a spaceship so they can escape this planet for a better world. Small animals roam on the screen.

Click above to see their condition. If they are hungry, click on the food right from the screen, then slip of foods pose on stage. You can to put small animals by dragging and posing at the place of desire.

If you leave it as is, a new cr ature will be born.

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