Flash game Gumdas Eisbude

Gumdas Eisbude game thinking and memory

Just put your memory m has the evidence in Gumdas Eisbude, set r m bending and memory!

You like to put your nerves hard evidence? You'll be well served with this super fun very flash game you're about. Gumdas Eisbude is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion. The principles of the game are simple and the game concept is somewhat amusing. In fact, if you've never t seller or trader, this is a good time to try.

In this game, you incarnate a merchant Ice Cream e on a very nice beach. Your only goal is to serve ice cream cones for the greediest children. Of the pit of your m memory that will retain control of longer and longer; this is what makes the complexity of the game

How to play a Gumdas Eisbude?

You will have m Memorise all orders for each child that will refuel at home. Gumdas Eisbude is a game similar to Simon or the goal is simply to keep as long as possible with the color number increases. The task is not easy because over and as you advance in the game, your mission becomes more and more difficult.

Children are more densely and controls are more numerous. You'll have to really be a g denies to take the shot. Otherwise the pr game feels fantastic graphics well suited to its location, it is visually very beautiful and movements are flexible and agr ables to watch. Gameplay with a rich and pleasant, only your intelligence and your relentless rapidity will be able to get you out of this situation.

You will have to coordinate your movements well to save time and not to be overwhelmed by the customers you. D imm immediately fed a party and see how far you can go. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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