Flash game Simon

Simon game thinking and memory

Upgrade your brain demonstrated al 'in Simon, set r m bending and memory!

Do you think being good at games r flexion? Come assess your ability with the game s Simon, a game where you should listen to the sounds, look at your screen to understand what color among the four existing on the game is to click on it lit e. You have four colors: green, yellow, red, blue. Blue and green are face to face, like for yellow and red.

On cot s, a light turns on or under the color. You Am the light with your mouse and you click on the color quickly get r considered as good. You will have ample time for you r fl chisses fasses and good choices on colors ds clear light. Simon is a game of agility because you'll make sudden movements with your mouse or very anticip s esp for rer win a game.

Moreover, this reading of the game that will make you win, you anticipate the light and you click quickly because the light at the speed of light.

How to play Simon?

Will you be able to anticipate. If you regarded that you have a good reading light movements, has come to play Simon but be vigilant and tents of'' anticipate the light that appears on these semicircles s color. Be quick, efficient and tries to anticipate. Like any game r flexion, Simon is designed to highlight your habilit, your agility, your compr understanding and participating in the development of your faculty of physical and mental s. Engage yourself in the game Simon and r fl chis to find a solution and win.

This will not be easy because you have to concentrate, understand good r action before clicking. The whole game is focused on the choice and to this must be done quickly in this game Simon. Between fed and especially your part and anticipates.

Good luck!

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