Flash game Winnie Memory

Winnie Memory card game of memory and reflection

Find your ros h pr en in Winnie Memory, great card game of memory and r m bending!

Do you like puzzle games of the genre head? Games in which we must rely heavily on your mind to get out of it? Then you'll have fun with this flash game. "Winnie Memory" is a set of r bending ensures you forc ing happiness.

In "Winnie Memory" found the little yellow bear and his friends in a game of memory m. To laugh of the game is simple, just click on the image of the game

How to play Winnie Memory?

Your main objective is to find pairs images so they disappear and the whole design is found to cover. Then automatically switches to another level of play with increasing difficulty.

The images are more numerous and the time is r product. Once finished, the following section gives you the opportunity to cover a new stage and try to make even faster! This game is played entirely with the help of the mouse. Bending r is therefore required to know which line and in what order to launch r succeed this online flash game.

This game is super immersive, this title is unusually rich in the number of shares and options of customization possible. Care has contributed to the achievement ind is undeniable and the principle is very addictive. The graphics are well led, inter alia through 3D and pr presentation of menus.

The soundtrack as it is a very pleasant and fits perfectly to the universe of the game is to you r fl chir and design methods with m your only limit to your ambition which is to hide all the cards. It is a simple and effective game and this is all we ask is a game when you want to kill a few minutes of our time. Play solo or have fun with your friends.

Good game!

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