Flash game Gorillaz

Gorillaz music game and arcade

D covers the music game and arcade Gorillaz and have fun to dance like him!

If your passion for games not r ensures that when you play in an arcade game, so it is with r el pleasure you will give you a test that great game that you're about. Here Gorillaz, a flash game that can be classified in the category cat arcade games. This game is available and cover ad as soon as possible on this site free online flash game.

The principles of this game are very simple. Any edge, start by choosing your character among the many that are placed at your disposal. A gorilla is displayed on your screen This game gorilla and indeed very clever, he dances super well.

Your main objective in this game is to reproduce the same movements as the gorilla through direction arrows on your keyboard.

How to play a Gorillaz?

This is the first gorilla starts and then it's your turn when the light of the projector is on you. To earn maximum points your movements must be perfect (green arrow of the game screen) does not move too early (yellow arrow of the game screen) or too late (orange arrow of 'screen game). Orders are adaptive if you're not a accustomed games of the genre.

You will have definitely a little time you used to the controls so as not to tangle the brushes during the game's point of view you tick esth, Gorillaz is a alis arcade game perfectly r, the graphics are color and very delusional. The game is a very good playability. So if you're a fan of games like that or just a fan of good arcade games, it is enough for you just to laugh without delay a game by clicking on the image of the game and ready to play right now luck!

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