Flash game Piano Animal

Animal piano music game

Come play music in Piano Animal?

Do you like music games? You can distinguish the music mane animals? Then you might love this beautiful album that allows you to play with diff ferent animal sounds. "Piano animal" is a miscellaneous game. This is a very simple and fun game to play if the complexity and beauty of the things you'll cr er is considered.

In this wonderful game you walk in the shoes of a great pianist. If you think you have the ear m melodious, you can cr st most beautiful melodies m just with your mouse. The principle of the game is simple: you have your disposal several diff ferent animals, cats, birds, dogs or fish. Each of these animals bn fited a correspondence voice notes on a keyboard pianist.

This is a piano that will be, but the notes you will play will be cries of animals. Attention, it is true that animals sing by nature, but in this game, their cries will ENJOLIV s way of m er has created even more sweet melodies. D abuts your musical adventure, and covers the full range of differ ent animal sounds.

How to Play a Piano Animal?

To begin your game, choose your animal pr fr, s then selects the notes you want to play. Based on all the keys of the virtual keyboard to see which sound is reproduced. A wonderful game that combines sonority s and nature, a stunning exp experience and yet so memorable that guard snatches of song in memory m. Immediately starts a game, do diff annuities maneuver m lange notes, make hooks, breaks and see if at the end you will be able to cr t er a melody as beautiful as those of Mozart m. The game is simple, use the diff ferent animal sounds and cr e a natural symphony that would be worthy of the greatest pianist in the world.

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