Flash game Battle Ships

Battle Ships game Battleship and reflection

Just defeat your enemies ships in 2 Battle Ships, great naval battle game and bending r! You know the c lebre naval battle game? "Battle ships 2" is a set of r flexion. Battle ships in 2 you'll replay a part of the ancient naval battle. And for that you're going to develop an ever renewed ploy to put a hurt your enemies and still win the game.

Find the c lebre game naval battles playing a Battle ships and leads a war without thank you against big boats such as buildings, to the manner of the great war commanders of the Second World War. In this game the goal is r el, you play your honor and your title, if you win you go up in power, but if you lose your go could take a hit. The very simple but is very experienced and have your boat on a grid that represents the present oc year. Mene your fleet to victory by being a good strat gy combat How to play a 2 Battle Ships? Trying to find what would be the best arrangement of your boat to get a set to be your opponent. D structed all the beautiful buildings of the enemy team killing by your naval guns.

Use the spacebar to rotate your ship once you have the pos s. Then you can, unlike the true rule, shoot several times on the water and so your opponent has put the failure. Take great pleasure in slaughtering the opposing teams in chaining of your wrath on the commanders of the enemy ships. D channel the fury of the Seven Seas on your enemies, they regret having affront the master strategists who you are. To begin the naval battle, s selects your Level between Easy mode, the Medium mode and Hard mode.

The dashboard is displayed in the game = top of your screen. Good luck Admiral!

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