Flash game Diamond Chaser

Diamond Chaser game of agility and precision

ca you trying to lead a quite ordinary sp Mission, which earns money as a pariah and rogue both? The game "Diamond Chaser 'gives the opportunit you here and now. "Diamond Chaser" is a shooting game in which you enter into the skin of a greedy and cynical driver, a rogue cat first category, and you work on the Alpha. Until then there is no altercations, no problems on the horizon, but you just get hold of a high-level information. T inform you of the existence of a c nimble diamond mine. This mine is well prot ge, and access is not easy, it is even recommended not to venture up to the limits of the space. But greedy men, no alert is really quite s laughing when it comes to make a dough.

Thou goest in your ship supersonic, the drive to the edge of the outer rings of Cora Flatar, where the lie all these beautiful and expensive jewels. The problem is that these rings are unstable, you can not really make a direct approach to the obstacle, we will have created a strat er gy, to develop a technique to fight tooth and nail to be able to collect these pre cious stones. You can not snub the call of that wealth, you're like Smeagol face has its pr heaven, you can only go forward to arrive at your purposes. How to play a Diamond Chaser game super agility and precision pr?

Use the arrow keys to move your ship on to the game screen, then press the spacebar to shoot obstacles. Collects the most jewels possible to rack up the high scores table, maybe your tm laughs will bear fruit and that you will become rich explorer Cora Flatar!

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