Flash game Digital Switch

Digital Switch agiltie game and arcade

D Digital Switch covers and collects a piece using small robots!

You love to compete address when you play, here's a super fun flash game that will allow you to arrive at your purposes. Digital Switch is a class game in the category of cat agility games. To start the game, just click on the image of the game Digital Switch is a funny little game where must match the color of robots that of parts falling from the top of the screen. It's simple is not it?

How to Play a Digital Switch?

You have to change the position of two robots side by side for the place of pick up and the number of pieces are in demand of goal of each level. At each step a sequence s bonus is about e: s is replaced morer a musical sequence, pick up the maximum of pieces falling or change as much as possible of pieces in green pulling. Throughout the game, you have the opportunity to earn points and canvases parts that allow a piece has to be color chang e of way has to be CAUGHT By any robot. As and as you r ussis levels, the game becomes much drive. The purpose of things are simple and easy but when you progress, the game is more difficult. The charm of the title is intact.

We immediately put in the mood for adventure by cin automatic, you'll enjoy a great freedom for d cover of gigantic horns of the game sc nario is intriguing and there is even a hint of humor. The game is very well r alis and the graphics are really interested esting! A cover of! This is a true blow of heart, do not hold back, it should be tested as soon as possible! This game is played entirely with the mouse.

Start now part and have fun like crazy!

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