Flash game Dolphin Dash

Dolphin dash game super agility

Try to get the highest score in Dolphin Dash, super agility game! Dolphin Dash is a game in which you agility helps a dolphin collect as many parts as you can within a period of well finished. The dolphin is a marine mammal and river. The dolphin is characterized by its high rise intelligence. It is able to recognize themselves in a mirror as the man some animals.

It is capable of using tools. In this game, the dolphin swims and launched into the water at high speed. There are many parts floating in the sea and among the seaweed. You can help the dolphin to navigate with the keys fl ch es. Try to collect some pills. Some pills can double the size of the dolphin.

These pills can sometimes change the viewing angle. Sometimes, the dolphin is swimming in a narrow channel to collect coins. More dolphin collecting coins, the more you earn bonus points.

You enter your name and you get your ranking. How to Play a Dolphin Dash? Must r cup rer maximum piece Free to score the best possible point, the game enough and you must direct your dolphin using the arrow keys g cells allow you to grow or return small, the game file alone.

There are many currencies that float in the sea and algae. Try to collect stamps of the v ing. M certain drugs can double the size of the dolphin. Other medicinal products may change the angle of view.

Controls launched dolphin full speed picks up as much as possible of parts and trying to get a great score. Pills allow you to change the size of the character or the d cor. This game is played with the keyboard arrows.

To laugh of the game, you must click on the button "Click Here!" Then click the "Start Game" button. Have fun!

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