Flash game Dr. Strangegutt

Dr. Strangegutt an agility game and avoidance

In his laboratory with chemicals of all kinds, Dr. Dtrangegutt just made a fatal experience exp. M langeant products to try to compose a new recipe for donuts, he performed mishandling and his laboratory is invaded by several FOUND e donuts falling everywhere. Arm the rocket launcher, it tries to destroy all these donuts are quiet in his laboratory.

Help him destroy all these ad donuts that come from all over to win the battle. If three donuts reach his head you will lose the game and donuts will win. In this very fun game you must help the doctor ad Strangegutt destroy donuts falling to win.

To play, you can use the mouse to move from left to right or press the arrows on the keyboard. Donuts do not stop falling and our dear doctor is really embarrassed. D instead of the left to right, point the rocket launcher below donuts click to send fireballs.

Your objective is to destroy thirty-nine donuts total without getting hit to win the game and acc der the next level. The mission is not simple, it will be very agile and concentrated. Am movements and directions donuts for you not to just below them. Performs fire sweeps from left to right by pressing continuously on the left mouse button.

Performs dodges not getting hit in the head. Sketch fast movements by moving your guy and makes your shots. Keep an eye on the number of donuts you have to destroyed and which is right.

D truis the number requested in the first level and accede to the following to a new adventure with Dr. Strangegutt.

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