Flash game Dragon Hero

Dragon Hero adventure game, arcade and agility

D covers Dragon and Hero embarks on an incredible adventure on the back of your dragon!

If you like adventure games, you'll love the game Dragon Hero, which propels you in an Asian world in the Japanese mountains, where you embody a ro h on the back of his dragon friend. You must guide your dragon r reap eggs bathed in the air, without getting hit by rain mt ORITES and stones. The game becomes more difficult, and the goal is to go as far as possible in r coltant maximum possible eggs. You must monitor your score and your r larly number of lives.

As soon as your dragon drove into a tree, a hill, or is hit by a rock, you lose a life. Pay attention, because hundreds of stones around you and will make the journey extremely difficult. The graphics and music are compl ter the quality of the game Become a Dragon Master air. You'll love this highly addictive game!

How to play a Dragon Hero?

To play Dragon Hero, it is very easy! You must first click on "Play Now" to power abut the game Wait a few seconds to observe the universe and serve your mouse to move the dragon to train yourself to see how it has management and sensitive to your mouse movements. The part of butera r actually get that collect the first egg. Attention of an egg appears, you have to collect otherwise it will not bring you points.

Have fun with this amazing game, in which you can play alone, with family or even friends to cover for what the person around you more agile with the dragons! Good luck and good game!

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