Flash game Falldown 2

2 Falldown game stunning agility

Come test your agility tans Falldown 2 Falldown 2 is an agility intellectual liveliness that is back on the internet game .. Also you can use distraction and accompany you for a long time of trying. You can play alone or with friends and family turn. Falldown 2 is very easy to understand, The objective of the game and stay in overtime of an activity beyond the time it seems to be threatened e disappearing.

The goal is to ensure the survival of the ball as long as possible in this game, r ussis to win the most points possible. You have to pass the ball between the spaces that are at the black lines coming from the bottom of the screen the game up a way not to crush the ball at the top of the screen. soon as the ball finds himself stuck in the top of the screen 2 Falldown game has three levels of play that are easy when you're one of stumbling, means for those who have a good level of play and the hard level more difficult. More you advance in the game, the ball will fall more rapidly, increasing the difficulty level! How to play a Falldown 2? D places the ball with buttons on the keyboard, use the right mouse button to place the ball to the right and the left button to move to the left also. Every five seconds, a new level is reached.

The scoreboard and the clock are in the top right of the screen. Concentration and vivacity will be useful in this very difficult to overcome agility game, you launch and explodes counter point in Falldown 2 good luck.

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