Flash game Falldown

Falldown the agility and reflexes are the key words!

FallDown is a very simple game to address a take charge, but requires a lot of patience and large win. The objective of this game is to address the ball in order to stay as long as possible in the game you have to go down a ball from platform to platform as soon as possible by controlling the mouse down. If you're too slow, the screen that keeps spinning vertically to finally crush the ball to the ceiling. Do not trust a graphics in extreme simplicity: FallDown d shows that it is often the simplest games are the most difficult.

Moreover, it does not end as long as you beat the stopwatch, the game continues and you garnered maximum points. Be careful, it'll go faster and faster. This game is intuitive, and allows you to test your skill and your rapidity. Must guide a red ball through a vertical maze of spinning, makes platforms and holes to use to drop your ball without ever getting crush the top of the screen. Play as long as possible to gain maximum points. Focus remains to survive Falldown.

Make the ball fall through the holes of each floor of a way that it does not find cras e top of the screen. It goes faster and faster. Directs the ball with the left and right arrows on the keyboard. You must have reflexes, coordination but also a lot of rapidity to r succeed in maintaining the ball so that it does not touch the top of the table.

Have fun in this game of skill and good r alis pass very good times with family and friends, and remains master of your emotions. Zen rest.

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