Flash game Fat Sumo

Fat Sumo game arcade and agility

Come to cover Fat Sumo, a great arcade game and agility in which you must help a sumo fat!

Want to compete skill and agility with your computer? So here is a flash game which enables you to put your quality s highlighted.

Fat Sumo is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games cover ad address without delay on our portal online flash games. The principles of the game are simple and not hand hold is pretty easy. Fat Sumo is a very standard way for big eater! In this completely original game, you control a sumo and you must help a fat swallowing up food. For those who do not know the sumo is a sport that is practiced especially in Japan. Practitioners of the sport are also called s sumo.

The only character istic is that they are all big and rush all the time for food. They only train and eat. From a top view, grab the meat, fish and dumplings to increase your weight bar at the top of the screen game you have to make sure that the bar reaches its maximum level.

This is achieved, you automatically passes to the next level. The game features a multitude of levels ad as cover and as you advance.

How to Play a Fat Sumo?

In terms of game controls, use the arrows on your keyboard direction for you to place and thus collect the food on your way. Beware chests fish, they are not edible! Avoid them because otherwise you will lose weight and you will die gradually so it's not all you have to do is eat your sumo. D tired fast part and proves that you're a good coach.

A very fun game growing difficulty for all lovers of Japanese food! Let's play!

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