Flash game Fit To Be Pie'd

Fit To Be Pie'd arcade and agility

Come participate in a battle of cream pie in Fit To Be Pie'd, super arcade and agility!

Quickly become a professional pie fight. In Fit To Be Pie'd d covers a strangely fun action game. In this game of comp call Posted Battle of cream pie, you face three formidable opponents. To start the game; then click play game instructions you are rvl es.

Click again on next choose your character between Golly, Dolly, Pickles, and finally Croco. Click on next again to select the level of difficulty; you can choose different levels differ ent. But first of sick part with low to first master the game before progressing to the more difficult levels. This very exciting game has several levels, the number of rounds from 1 to 5 and in each level the game becomes much more complicated.

How to Play Fit To Be a Pie'd?

The goal is to send as much as possible cakes on the faces of your opponents dodging their replicas r. You earn points for each opponent you r ussis a touch. Dodge the balls you throw your opponents. D up yourself with the right and left arrows on the keyboard, the arrow at the bottom is used to stooping.

Use the X button to get off the platform by throwing pies. Press the arrow on the bottom and Z which enables you to go down a floor button. Control your player with pr decision by making the appropriate gestures s. You can s lectionner Time limit mode 60 seconds or Elimination "where you lose after having t touch three times.

Whatever the mode, use a good strat gy that will make you move. So playing with a very large prudence, music is exciting. This game is really int esting gives you the maximum to win the tournament and become the champion.

Good game and good luck.

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