Flash game Flappy Naruto

Flappy the famous game Naruto agility back with a brand new manga release

Naruto, the more c lebre ninjas of Konoha trains to become Hokage! In the hidden village of Konoha, living a blond haired ninja named Naruto. From a young age, they string of small acts of vandalism and cause anger and exasp ration its s Older Adults.

However, growing our young ninja fix is ​​an ultimate goal of becoming the Hokage one day and thus become the person most e respect the village. To do this, he needs to train day and night to keep prochable irr fitness. Fortunately, the ninja village of Konoha and conducive to such provisions. It possesses many lands and obstacles to complete his training.

In addition, our young friend ar recently learned of a little bird named Flappy Bird of it is inspired by the efforts that produced this little animal despite its small size and therefore decides to adapt its training. Throw yourself with Naruto in a mad rush to false airs of c lebre yellow sparrow. Passes between the tree trunks and goes as far as possible, choose the technique best suited e jumping either above or below the wood pieces. Be careful not to touch any obstacles or you will have to start all over again from the goal. Am improves your score each part and ignore your friends!

Game Controls Flappy Naruto: The goal of the game, you can choose to start directly a part or see the table of "High Score" to know what performance he will be r achieve to be on the podium. Once the game launched e, you just press it repeatedly on the space your keyboard to send Naruto into the air. Your score, which is the number of crossed logs, appears at the top left of the game screen

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