Flash game Frisbee Dog

Frisbee Dog game of agility and precision

Come and help the little dog catching frisbee in his Frisbee Dog game agility and precision pr! Here is the flash version of the great game of frisbee. If you have long rêv playing frisbee with your dog without power, or launch these beautiful discs are color and it catches the flash game "Frisbee dog" gives you the opportunit. This is a great arcade game that is played entirely with the mouse, so easily.

The grip comes pretty quickly and the principle of the game is simple as hello. Put yourself in the shoes of a player and cuddly dog. Make him catch flying Frisbees s launched. How to play Frisbee Dog?

To blow up the dog, use the left mouse click. Do make small jumps dog. As soon as you jump, and you find yourself in the path of a frisbee, dog comes into possession of it, and earn points. Attention in this game everything that flies is not good to take when you focus and observe carefully. Indeed there is a lot of flying objects in the game, you d overlay along the wire ones that you can take, and that will give you extra points ments, and those you should rather t 'loigner. If the object is to seize above, and we should jump higher for the capture, you can press longer on the left click to blow the dog even higher.

More you catch frisbee, the more you will earn points. Throw yourself now that you know the basics of the game Do not miss no Frisbees, blew your dog at the right time. Frisbee Catch as many as possible, making this dog jump as high as possible. Reach the best score and beat your own best score.

We never get tired of this game and share your score with other fans proud frisbee in the world.

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