Flash game GoldenGate Drop

GoldenGate Drop an agility game and launch

The Golden Gate Bridge is undergoing repair r, several workers working on it to try to restore state. But among all these people that seeks to establish the r, a group of workers very pranksters, s perch on top of the bridge, has fun throwing bags of water on cars and passersby. Have fun with them and earns the maximum points possible. To earn points, you should not throw water pouches on any target. Applies only to animals, cyclists, pi tones, taxis, boats ...

Each target you reach you will win fifty points. quickly send your bags of water on grandmother, police cars they will make you lose fifty points or lose the game. To play your player s selects between three workers who are you about s, use the arrows on the keyboard to move your player from left to right on the bar of the bridge. The mouse will serve as a viewfinder, point the target and a loose bag filled with water at the right time to touch. In each level of the game, you have a number of endpoints has to reach forward to the next. You have to aim well and also to anticipate the investment targets.

Never misses the target to avoid wasting your water bags. Observe good targets for recognizing aims with the mouse and launch water bag to reach the target at the right time. This game will allow you to develop your skill and your pr decision.

To get a share of ten bags to launch, so you must aim just not to miss your target, if you rates in one, you can not reach the number of points s demand. Be pr cis and well designed for r succeed level.

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