Flash game Headless Zombie

Headless Zombie an agility fun game too

A zombie or zombie is an undead or infected with a harmful virus parts of the brain, especially in the world of fiction. The zombies are beings who have died and returned to life. Same as that t bitten by a zombie becomes a turn undead. In the game Headless Zombie, you embody a noble old Carl transformed into undead by a magician who has lost everything he had. Help him to find his goods and resume wizard who has turned into the living dead. He no longer owns nothing and all his hopes rest on you.

Your mission will not be easy because the road is long and throughout your p riple, you should pick up a lot of money and face several obstacles; more you advance in the game and Carl lost balls. The magician is very rus and will not be anytime soon. The game of the living dead Carl is very funny in its way, you can for example s adorn the head of h ro his body so you use it to climb an obstacle or avoid. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move forward, backward, jump and pull the head of Carl's body.

You have to reach a door at the end of the screen after you r r cup all gold pieces and open all the secret passages. Not quite simple, you should use tips and niosit ing to achieve your goal and do what Carl again become human. You love the difficulty, you'll love this game, the more you advance, the more you get a lot of problems.

Super Headless Zombie game you will have a good time trying it right now, you'll take your foot.

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