Flash game Jaba The Zit

Jaba The Zit a game of reflex unusual and funny

If you like games agility humorous, you love has certainly Jaba The Zit. Here's the deal: you're facing a child who is at the dawn of his 13 years, he is still a teenager and acne raged across your face. It became unbearable for you to see these buttons sprouting on his face. Today, in your bathroom, you have a chance to clean up this mess. You must do the buttons that will appear on the face with your fingers explode. You'll have to be nimble and quick to be able to explode all.

Use your mouse to move and position your fingers on the face of the teenager. Once you are on a acn button, use the left click to explode. Be careful when the button appears, it remains on the face for a very short time.

Pimples disappear fast you must be a great laugh to have a dout lev score. The game is simple and fun, with a well positioned for e on the face. This increases the playability. If you like bloody and gory games, or if you just want to give a good lesson to the acn gn ral, "Jaba the Zit" will just be a boon for you. Attention you willing for a limited time in this game, then explodes over the buttons until the time you are allotted is ending.

Do not let the buttons time to disappear, it is a big waste of time and points. For thou hast an exploded, trying to guess the next place where the face another button will appear. Thus you will gain time and the buttons are less likely to disappear if you are d ja near them.

Reach your best score and beat all other players in the world. Today you attack buttons!

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