Flash game Jack The Zombie

Jack The Zombie a game of skill and shooting

A zombie or zombie is an undead or infected with a harmful virus parts of the brain. The zombies are beings who have died and returned to life. Same as that t bitten by a zombie becomes a turn undead. They are very little dress and devastate everything in their path.

Well there is one that plays to the prognostic. In the game, you play Jack The Zombie Jack a small living dead whose objective is to kill humans. Help him achieve his task r. Jack has a gun and a limited number of balls, so it must demonstrate niosit ing and skill to kill all humans before the charger is empty. You just use shooting angles that allow you to kill more human at the same time.

Or target objects that will do it for you or pr cipiteront example in a mill. Jack killing humans. Your shoot more kills more people you point. Nothing to do with the st r otypes or zombies are shot by humans, change the jack gives, takes courage both hand and goes to hunt humans.

The weapon Jack zombie human killer has balls and a laser, you will choose the bullets or laser according to your needs. Press the spacebar to select. Moreover, to aim, you will use your PC mouse which enables you to aim and shoot. No need for a thousand keys to play. You'll have to go 40 levels to complete the game, so conomises your ammunition r ussissant shoots in your faith.

Also you will use mirrors to turn to laser rays and reach your targets. Try this wonderful platform game and talk to your friends in, they will be surprised agr ablement.

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