Flash game Jump The Gorge

Jump The Gorge Jump Game Snowboard

Lance you on track with your snowboard and ex cute a super jump! If you like sports games you are in the right place. "Jump the Gorge" is a sports game very well done, with 2D graphics. You'll be hopping with ski boards. You then put in the shoes of a top athlete and makes crazy jumps as qu'acrobatiques. In this game you will not fear anything, to play, it's simple.

Top of the cliff you must first choose the power of your jump. Position your mouse over the red button on the power gauge situ e bottom right of the screen. Of the power you seem perfect, click on the red button with the left mouse button. Trying to choose the best power function of the objective achieved and obstacles brave. Are chosen more or less that it takes power. If this is the case, your skier fall or shatter bones against obstacles.

You have a total of ten levels pass. The faster you choose the power jump, the more points you get. So do not chis r fl long! You have a total of three lives to finish the ten levels of the game if you r ussis has overcome the obstacle the first time in several levels, you bn ficieras the famous bonus "HELLA". The game is easy to access because it is played entirely with the mouse. So take your flight immediately in the corresponding sheet of white snow and beautiful green trees.

Try to reach the highest level ever. If you think you have made some good jumps, share your score to be included in the table. Especially do everything possible to Hook of bonus HELLA, and maybe you will be the next number one on the table Highscrores!

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