Flash game Kore Pong

Kore Pong agility of a classic arcade game

Just proud of the computer in a classic game of agility! Kore Pong is a game of Ping Pong riv sports, the principle is s' change a ball between two opposing parties in an attempt to score points by making the ball into your opponent camps. Kore pong is a game of reflex r and rapidity in which you have to be very concentrated r succeed. The game surface of rolls in the form of rectangle with two plates disposed at s up and down; yours is at the top of the screen and that your opponent is positioned on the bottom of the screen. Before starting the game performs some settings in r s lecting board size, speed and the number of balls to play.

You can also choose to play against an opponent of your choice against the computer or duel. Use the mouse to take control of your tray and directs it to the left to the right. Do not miss the ball r ceptionner each launched e otherwise your opponent will score and score points. The game of runs as each game and opponents must succeed r Scoring the most points by passing the ball into the opponent's line.

The maximum score to win the game of twenty-one points. When the game is launched e, carefully observing the movements of the ball, tries to counter each time it arrives to your direction, make it bounce on your plate to send again towards your opponent. You'll have to show rapidity and mobilize all your concentration and your reflexes r. A plateau is located in the middle between the two opposing camps, from time to time the ball bounces on it and increases in speed do not surprise you.

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