Flash game KungFu Trainer

KungFu Trainer an avoidance game based on the agility

Participates in training camp organized to become an ace in this Kung Fu agility game. This martial art that combines Karate and Judo was released in Japan there are several years of it. In this combat sport you can use several techniques to try to hit KO your opponent.

Today it is practiced in many parts of the world and many disciples follow his teachings to acqu er techniques of self defense. In this fighting game Kung Fu trainer, you'll develop your ability to s fighter by performing combos of punches or kicks to destroy of melons. Sharpens your technique, trying all sorts of combinations of moves. Melons arise from left to right and you must succeed r a break all to win the level.

You'll have to show rapidity to achieve them. EDC uses keys to destroy those who arrive on your right and pressing OKM to reach those who are on your left. As soon as you realize melons, began to combine the keys to destroy the maximum. Melons are very fast and you should be just as fast with your keystrokes.

Give kicked lev s, return gives you punched down, crushes those who come on your feet. You just get five hundred and eight third lives in the first level to destroy all melons. If you get a melon reach without breaking it, you lose a life. You must be quick and do not miss any of your shots.

The more you advance in levels of workouts, plus melons sprint with speed towards your direction. Sharpens your techniques and develops your r flexes and your typing speed to not get hit by the melons you. Become a champion of Kung fu very good spirits.

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