Flash game Lamb Chop Drop

Lamb Chop Drop game of agility and action

Lamb Chop Drop D covers and have fun ar cup rer paintings as parachute!

You're a genuine fan v games in which you find yourself in the heart of the action? Then you'll certainly appr cial this superb online flash game that t sp cially made for you.

Lamb Chop Drop is a game that can be classified in the category cat action games. The principles of the game are simple and the grip is very easy. The goal of this game is ar cup rer paintings as parachute. You are in some ways a paratrooper and you have r cup rer paintings that are on your way when you're full descent. The paintings that you should r cup rer offer pounds (UK currency) according to color, Yellow: 1p; Blue: 2p; Red: 3p; Green: 4p; Rose: 5p. If you're a good paratrooper, then you should be extremely rich because the travel distance is long parachute.

During the flight, you have a square; it's a bonus that allows you for example to pick up a large number of paintings temporarily.

How to play a Lamb Chop Drop?

In terms of controls, the game is played entirely with the mouse. So you should not have problem to control and guide your parachute.

Do not let go especially that great flash game with beautiful graphics. The playability is on the menu and tick esth is breathtaking. The game is superbly r alis and the sine on any of tail. If you do like this kind of fun when you start without delay in the adventure and see how you'll be able to pick up a single flight.

D fed immediately a part by clicking on the image of the game and enriching you as much as you can. Good fun and especially yourself!

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