Flash game Let M Roll

Let M Roll remains agile

Let M Roll, an agility game that little scare. In a rather macabre d cor with suspended over cat heads, blood stains littering the floors and ledges guillotine blades, all to be rolling in a scary place, go to the d covered a game that enables you to master motions and also result in your rapidity of your investments and your pr decision. In this very fun and rather macabre-like game, you must succeed r a catch as many heads of cats that fall into your basket. Five guillotines are aligned and are each cutting heads cat.

The game is to roll in a slaughterhouse. Use your mouse to direct your pick from left to right, instead of the basket well above the head must fall and leaves are placed gently into the basket, the head falls quickly and can bounce in and out of the trash. This game is to collect the heads of cats that will fall on you. On your head are arranged s five guillotines from which the heads of cats will leave you to fall over. With a cart, you must collect all before they fall to the ground.

The more you will gather heads of cats in your cart, you'll have more points. You do not have the right to miss more than five heads of cats, or the game is ending. D simply moves the mouse to catch cats. Be vigilant as heads cats can bounce on your basket and out. D up your man in every way towards the basket not to miss.

Avoid missing five heads not to lose the game. Heads fall quickly, you have to d place at the right time to capture them. For each cat head that you r ussis a well you can capture points.

Make your play and your rapidity pr decision will not miss. You will not be limited by time in this game, your only goal is to capture as much as possible without leaving any heads down to win the game. Guillotines do not stop to cut off the heads of cats and you r ussis capture has, the more they begin to fall very quickly. Especially not lose no time, anticipates their descent and be very fast. Concentrate and be careful.

Reach the best score and displayed'll have covered most of the other levels int esting.

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