Flash game Little Shepherd

Little Shepherd agility a game point and click

A shepherd is a lifter, this is a person who raises cattle, sheep, oxen, sheep ... He walks from one place to another depending on the season to give them room. The game is a little Shepherd agility to play and pr decision you will spend a good time with our young shepherd and his sheep. Little shepherd is the story of a shepherd boy who scrambles to itself to get by in life, he grazed his sheep to fatten powers to sell a good price . The game is very exciting and gives you every want to play, it is so exciting that you do not even will want to stop playing.

But this is not a problem play as many times as you want! Embodies the shepherd boy and helps to bring his sheep in encloses. To make room, the young shepherd brought out his sheep because encloses the grass is outside encloses they browse e whole day and voila night approaching.

Sheep are numerous and each time it wants to bring in those encloses the s' parpille and it often has a lot of problems. Then give him a hand before night falls. Your enemy in this game is the time you have to beat the records go very quickly so as not to be surprised by the weather. quickly hazards and that thou bring the sheep in encloses, you can take them one by one or take them all at the same time. If you r ussis has to go all at once, it will do you save time, that is to you therefore choose the technique that suits you. Little Shepherd is played with the mouse, so use your mouse to move the cursor up to the shepherd and guide the sheep to encloses. Succeed has to go all the sheep in encloses in record time and to the next level.

Go as fast as you can and beat the records!

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