Flash game Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander game of agility, arcade and precision

Trying to land your ship in Lunar Lander, super arcade, agility and precision pr game!

D covers a very fun game landing. In Lunar Lander, your goal is to land your spaceship on the moon to win points. in the game, you need patience and a great reflex r r succeed for a perfect landing.

Control your machine the best ways while both very concentrated.

How to play a Lunar Lander?

To play, use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move left to right, also press the space bar on the keyboard to control the speed of your spaceship.

Of the game tired, pressing the space bar to keep your ship in flight, otherwise it s' crush on the moon. Is a good technique to land your craft in the best conditions. Control the descent without too gerement press the space bar; let him down gently to the bottom.

Attention also monitors fuel level, because the more you keep it in the air, the more it will consume a lot of fuel. You earn points for every r USSI landing. If your ship s' crushes three times you lose the game. Control your device with pr decision without too much thinking your fuel. Lets get down to the level of the landing area and began its descent control, press the space bar gradually releasing your pressure all the way down.

With Lunar Lander, become an outstanding pilot and r USSI all your landings. Use good technique which enables you to not crush your machine. R ussis all landing attempts to earn the most points that you will advance to levels sup laughing.

Leads to become a pilot very spaceship pain. Avoids to land your craft on crevices, with the help of directional arrows, directs it to the flat surface to r achieve a perfect landing. Have fun!

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