Flash game Mad Shark

Mad Shark game arcade and agility decale

You will arrive has to devour everyone? Come to the cover in Mad Shark, super arcade and agility of cal!

For all fans of action game, you will delight in this universe of action and suspense. The game is called Mad Shark, plunges you into a world of fear and terrible suspense. You tightened the terror of the seas and going to do anything to survive and escape a diabolical exp experiences that humans want to make you suffer. You'll be in the shoes of a violent and terrible shark that eats men to escape and escape the terrible exp experiences they may face.

Crases eat and everything that moves in your marine environment. You'll have to be quick and you ADJUSTED perfect your swim with the shark hunters to avoid their shots. The graphics of the game is very well done and you dive in a hostile marine world and very dangerous.

Game characters are also r alis s as it keeps a nice profile in the game sound effects are also well appointment and are addictive. Be formidable and eat anything that moves around you.

How to play a Mad Shark?

The goal of the game you have all the information and instructions you need to complete your game has shark will darken and you'll have to put through the movements of the mouse. The investments of the shark should be done with relative ease allowing the shark either s' escape very quickly to put a tempo to devour the breathed. For chewable humans must you press the space bar and bite.

C'mon do not wait a second for the cover of Mad Shark game and quickly immersed in this exciting and suspenseful game. You can perfectly play with your friends, you can see the proud and that will save the shark from the clutches of these scientific appalling. Have fun!

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