Flash game Magic Library

Magic Library agility game

D covers exceptional Magic Library, a great game of skill in a very amazing library where letters rain down from the sky!

In the game, you will aim to type very quickly the words that appear on your keyboard. To play this great game you must click on Start Game then choose the level between Easy, Normal and Hard then the game begins.

Use your keyboard to type letters, numbers that appear on the books. You gotta eliminate typing the same letter on your keyboard. That is to say that if A falls it you must press the A key, same for 5, etc.. When a manuscript of boat, press the space bar to open and quickly tap the letters it contains, if it is a small figure also press the space bar.

Click on the space bar when you see a magic show roll tape as soon as you realize that above. You must turn at least two candles to complete a level. This game will develop your permettras d speed keystroke because the more you advance in levels sup laughing, plus letters and numbers keep coming and appear at high speed. The graphics give you a burning desire to play as if you shut it, as all the music exciting.

How to play a Magic Library?

So you have to play this game requires of standards of capacity r s reflex. Observed very rapidly words or numbers down, hold them and tape directly on your keyboard.

You earn points for each letter or number you enter has r ussis correctly. Concentrate because otherwise you'll quickly let you d border and you risk losing the game. Do not wait another second to come to cover the Magic Library Address and very pr decision taken by the Internet game.

Good luck!

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