Flash game Naked Melee

Naked Melee game agility decale

Get Naked Melee cover of a great game of agility cal!

Rare to see games as addictive to do with such ease. Naked-Melee is the name of the game, it's a beautiful game.

You once participated in a battle rank e? well tell you that this is similar. We try to be more numerous and thus be able to kill the opponent. In this game you will have created your first e arm of the goal.

How to Play a Naked Melee?

When the mouse flashes, maximizes the number of clicks, each click on an e cr naked melee lent confront villains field. It will launch or click several times to the max cr er loans split your ad ranks fighters. D s is the signal that you can no longer stop cr er soldiers. D s the stop appears is the battle. Your soldiers and villains will kill and the best will win, so maximizes your soldiers ds of the goal, click tirelessly to increase the number of your arm e. The game is played with the mouse and clicks of the goal.

So the primary quality required in this game will simply clicks the rapidity of goal. This is the first cr surplus and dominate the battle. You're in front of a game whose principle is so easy but you will make yourself very quickly realize that you cling heavily to this adventure of incredibly delusional. Naked in Melee, you will also have five difficulty levels and each level s, you must reach a certain number of soldiers before the war began. This game will allow you to also train your rapidity with click. Here to cover him fast with your friends and see who is the guy from, whoever wins each fight.

Share your scores and show your talents in the game of Naked Mele. Your turn, do not waste time to kill the villains. Have fun!

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