Flash game Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga

Come find the puzzle game ja worship, Papa Pear Saga! D covers the latest sensation that comes from troner Candy Crush Saga under the most addictive game of all time. Catch your glasses, put on your helmet, and pr-pear thee to live one of the greatest adventures of your life! Your goal: r reap maximum points to move through the levels more fruit s and s jant as each other. To maximize your score: Dads do bounce Pear maximum time on the nuts, peppers and pivots!

More they bounce, the more you garnered points. If you feed the barrels that the most demand, also you will get bonus points! If the first few levels may seem easy, do not worry, they will soon get tougher and you're going to face difficult challenges ahead.

Do not bravery of a level if you magnifiers, and retry as soon adapts to your tactics come to the end! How to play Papa Pear Saga? To play Papa Pear Saga, nothing more simple: you do not need that with your mouse! D up to guide the trajectory give Papas Pear that you'll start from the top of the screen, and make a left click to launch a Papa Pear. Do not lose sight of your goal of feeding r ceptacles bottom of the screen while garnering maximum points! At the top of the screen, you can see your score, the number of Dads Pear you have left to launch the stopwatch and the number of pieces are golden cup r r es.

Once all the barrels fed, you will spend at sup laughing: a maximum delay attention this time to optimize your score. Adjusts and optimizes the trajectory rebounds for Dads Pear r reap maximum points by bouncing on the nuts, peppers, fruit and pivots s! Papa Pear Saga awaits you: dark and covers this universe jant, color, and refreshing!

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