Flash game Park Racing 2000

Park Racing 2000 racing game and agility decale

Come participate in a race completely cal e d in the super game Park Racing 2000!

Do you like racing games car, come t 'bust in this very fun game; Park Racing 2000. In this racing game, to cover atypical characters, each character possesses the so-called v vehicle. The slim shady turbo rolls in a motorized tub jacuzzi, aunt so she rolls in a country cabin and tony's hydroponic rides a flying saucer.

In the game, you can choose to play against an opponent or against the computer. S selects pilot tone between the three characters and throw yourself into the race. The race track is dotted with e obstacles of all kinds; cactus, fire, a small dog and a water jet. Your objective will be to reach the top of the race to win the game. ca will not be easy there are many obstacles and you must use all the techniques for r n cessaires succeed.

How to play a Park Racing 2000?

To play, use the Z keyboard that will blow your machine in order to avoid obstacles button. Obstacles in your way are very numerous and are arranged in s intervals. Calculates their positions and support at the right time on the Z key to jump.

If you play against an opponent, do not let you do, leave your gear and quickly access the Manage obstacles, if you do not manage to avoid one of those obstacles, your progress will be slowed down and you risk losing the race very quickly . Do not be fooled, show your talents qualified pilot and won all races. Remember, fast obstacles at all costs, because the more you advance in the race, they become more numerous and their intervals are r product. The race to roll in a single round, who crossed the finish line first wins. Do not wait, choose your driver, throw yourself into the race, quickly obstacles ahead of your opponent and win the race very quickly.

Good luck!

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