Flash game Penguin

Penguin game action and agility

D covers the game Yetisports Penguin inspired and embodies a ti y must hit penguins!

Here once again a game that shows the id e Yetisport. Yetisports is the name of an s series of TV games sports that depict a penguin and a ti y. In these games, the Yeti is, according to the rules of the game, throw, hit or perform all kinds of actions with the penguin. The most famous games of the series s is the Yetisports or yeti must hit the penguin with a piece of wood, as you would in baseball, and to send the bird as far as possible.

But in the latter there are several new game modes called in! Penguin is a great action game.

How to play a Penguin?

The way to hit the "penguin" al gerement also changed, simply click anywhere of the screen, and move the mouse to r Gler angle and strike force remaining press the mouse button once you're ready, just release the mouse button, sending Happy penguins in the arctic sky. Attention bounce your penguin known and therefore go further and further. But if you do go too high, it gets stuck in the snow and did not advance.

You just have to click 2 times. 1 time to launch the penguin, a second time for the bat Yeti waltz sending your penguin. Of course, you have to type the right time. (No animals will be injured in this game); broke out of bubbles to destroy the bullets riennes.

Collection options at each level such as slowdown of detonation, and life, acceleration. Very nice little game! The goal is very simple, with the help of your Yeti snow, you need to propel your penguin.

Nothing could be easier.

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