Flash game Petshop

Petshop makes jumps with your pretty little pony

In PetShops learning has to take care of a pet! A pet store is a sp cialis in the sale of small pets and products (food, plant treatment, litter, etc..) And accessories (aquariums, cages, upholstery, etc..) That their destiny s (c is also the place annex a laboratory where animals are used gard s s experiences during exp. Islands animals in their younger ages are like all other living cr, fragile and vuln Saddle atures. these small beings require a lot of attention especially because they are far enough away from their natural habitats. They are completely out of country and do not know where to turn.

They could not quarrel with one. You the only one on which they can rely for s' panouir better and grow up in s SAFETY. You'll act very carefully to arrive at your purposes. Helps small animals in their feed showing the way. Leads with pr deposit these little beings acting with many contacts and attention so they do not collide with the walls. They are lost without your good works.

Agis nevertheless quickly because time is against you. You'll have to bring them all and in a good harbor and sound. They are turbulent. To start using the little white horse collect the max snow falling from the sky. The snow made the track very slippery, so instead of it with precision pr to catch as much as possible. Also keeps a close eye on the health bar at the top of your screen.

It would not take it to fill and become all white, if this is the case you will lose the game. Use the mouse to help them is to place them. Steer your little flock through the columns by dragging the mouse in one direction and the other to help your file.

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