Flash game Quickling

Quickling game of agility and adventure

D covers the game and adventure agility Quickling and embodies an animal half devil half-ant in a magical adventure!

Do you like playing has fun and entertaining games of skill? You'll certainly appr cial this great flash game that you're about. Quickling is a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat agility games and address about our free flash game online. The principles of this game are very simple and the grip is done almost automatically.

In this game, you play a small animal, half devil half ant.

How to play a Quickling?

Use the ASDF keys If you have a QWERTY keyboard (am Rican) or ASDF keys If you have a QWERTY keyboard (french keyboard) to attack and arrows directing you to your keyboard to place in the forest. You can also chat with magicians and other sympathetic characters that you find during your quest.

You also willing for a philometer g rer your magical powers. Attention to annuities diff platforms there are many enemies you meet, like trees hant s, f are small, mini tornadoes etc.. Do not let go especially this fabulous opportunity that offers you this great flash game by bringing you to a generic f and full of surprises world.

You will not regret Thee-board of this wonderful adventure that you will not be likely to forget anytime soon. Quickling is also a game of the genre very graphic cartoon, you will feel happy without scabies and exp only has experience playing this game This is the game id al for a good time without taking himself too Head and Neck you and to pass the time. A test of cover and quickly. Immediately seized the opportunity and tired part without waiting for a second longer.

Starts the game by just clicking on the image of the game Good luck!

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