Flash game Rabbit Punch

Rabbit Punch an agility game completely decale

We are in a game r serv agile people. This game is a mixture of m brutality and fitness is defined as the actions performed s are very tough for the little ones who will definitely not like the distressed treatment for small yellow rabbits. One a little hard, but fun card game so the children of the notch. The gameplay is very simple. Rabbits to spin down the screen in both directions. You'll succeed r a catapult yellow rabbits in holes taste.

You are repr feels as a hand and you gotta get fit through a flick. The playability of the game is pretty ais e, the lat eral direction arrows to move your hand from left to right and the spacebar to make the flick. This is a Genuine v race against time because you must reach a maximum catapult critters in the holes in the time that is allotted to you. However it will be very careful because you do willing than 3 hearts, so every time you miss a target, you people a lifetime. If you pers three hearts, you Game Over. As when the stopwatch displays z ro.

Be very concentrated and is well before shooting. Calculates the trajectory of falling for rabbits to live into the hole. The game is very simple to use and easy to compr hension.

You must not have issues to come to the end of this mini puzzle. R solution and the quality of the images give more fun and flavor to the game Rabbit Punch is very fun and can spend time relaxing in front of his computer. For d abut the game, click on the Start button.

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