Flash game Raft Wars

Raft Wars game of agility, shooting and friv

D covers Raft Wars Chat now split your ad tr sor from a loop against pirates!

You're a fan of shooters? So you're certainly well have fun with this great flash game that you're about. D fends your tr sor from a loop in Raft Wars is a shooter Jam humor cover ad on our portal online flash game. The principles of the game are very simple and the grip is not so complicated e. Simon is a cute little bb playing with his shovel in the sand when suddenly, he finds a very outgoing buried.

The story begins to get tougher when pirates had knowledge of the covered Simon. These jealous pirates then claim that tr sor theirs. D splits well your very outgoing at all costs in this very fun game directly inspired c lebre title Worms. You embody Simon and his brother at the beach and you have to fight pirates in combat shooting a turn.

How to play Raft Wars?

Starts with s lectionner the weapon you want to use by clicking on the corresponding symbols in the top left of the screen. Initially, your only weapon is a tennis ball! But as and as you advance in the game, you get other weapons. Then adjust the angle and power shooting of placing the mouse, then click the left mouse button. At the end of each level you can buy new weapons with the points won the title s. The graphics and animations are superb, the music and excellent sound effects and stick well to the visual atmosphere of the game playground is sure you tordras you laugh.

Give yourself a try to see what it gives shooter. As a sunny and really top strongly advisable at all! D tired quickly and some fun yourself!

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