Flash game Reach the sky

Reach the Sky game of agility

Come quickly to cover Reach the Sky, super agility game!

If you are a surprising agility or address, you probably love this wonderful "Reach The Sky" flash game (reach the sky). "Reach The Sky" is a game agility class among the best of its kind. In this game you will make the acquaintance of a monkey seated on the spring. Its goal is to jump as high as possible.

This ad ja made leaps standards with spring. You'll be able to jump higher than him? If you feel able to raise the d fi and do better than him, then throw yourself now. To laugh of the game click on the blue image that you pr feels this little monkey.

How to play a Reach the Sky?

To jump you have to do is use the space bar. Your only chance to adjust the height of your jump is when you come in contact with the earth.

Your jump becomes higher when you approach the green zone. If you can not get there then know that you're not a size blow as it takes the monkey. But if you press key jump when you find yourself in the red zone, then your next jump will be lower. "Reach The Sky" is a very fun game and also fun. You're going to fail cial appr. The interface is clear and the overall look of the game reviews directly to the esth tick purpose of the last century which is really a good point.

Quickly this simulation game will ask you to tactics and to the strategy to arrive at your goals. Under a beautiful d cor garden with green lawn well mowed. Be very concentrated and try to finish your mission.

Good Luck and Have fun!

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